This is ranch country. Western culture is at its best in this rough and tumble environment that is largely conducive to cattle ranching. It’s one of Canada’s best kept secrets. Western heritage doesn’t end at the Rockies; Some of it’s deepest roots remain sacred and alive in the mountains and rangelands of the interior of British Columbia.

Ron and Sharon Stevenson and their children founded Copper Creek Ranch in the year 2000, when they obtained the Princeton Stock Ranch. Copper Creek Ranch is nestled between the lush fruit and wine producing valleys of the Okanagan and the pork, milk, chicken and egg producing farms of the Fraser Valley. It is situated in the mountains and valleys in BC’s southern interior, near Canada’s only officially classified dessert region –where cowboy culture is alive and strong and where indigenous communities thrived for millennia before the influx of Europeans in the 19th Century.

The Stevenson family works closely with their ranch managers and team to raise beef cattle in a sustainable and holistic environment that steadily moves away from conventional farming techniques and allows the animals to work together in harmony with the land. Copper Creek Ranch raises beef cattle for both the commercial beef markets and seedstock industry, while selling purebred bulls into cow-calf operations across British Columbia. Their Herefords have been marketed throughout North America and abroad.

The bulk of Copper Creek Ranch's commercial and purebred herds are managed on expansive mountain range pastures from May through to mid-October.

When the snow covers the ground, the herds move to lower elevations making their way back to stockpiled pastures and hay fields.  That’s when calves are weaned and marketed. Cows stay on pasture until the snow is too deep, at which point they are gathered and trailered back to home ranch where they are fed through the winter months on forages which were harvested in July through September. 

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