Our Approach

We are steadily moving away from conventional farming techniques to a holistic and sustainable management style. 

Our vision is multifaceted and has entailed immediately banning the use of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, for weed control. It has also involved the elimination of chemical fertilizers, a zero-till policy, the adoption of pollinator strips, the increased use of cover crops, more diversity in our forage mixes and the composting of ranch manure for use on our hay fields and pastures to help build our soil depth and nutrient profiles. 

Our enterprise is diversifying to satisfy a growing local demand for natural meat and to allow our livestock to play an active role in our new weed control systems as they graze. The evolution of the ranch will include expanding our meat sales, featuring natural, hormone-free, and grass-fed options for beef. We will also soon offer ranch-raised lamb. 

Our ranch ethics include gentle livestock handling techniques and responsible environmental stewardship. We are constantly learning about the local flora and fauna and how we can assist in protecting it.  Our most recent project for rodent control on our pastures and hayfields has involved the installation of home-built owl nesting boxes to elicit mole and gopher control by way of introducing natural predators. 

We are learning as we go, one step at a time.