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C 4212 BLACK HAWK 7057 ET

REG# C03045343
BD: JAN 9, 2017

ACTUAL BW: 89 LBS. Now a trait leader for Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, Milk, Total Maternal, Cow Weight, MPI, Fat, Rib Eye Area and Carcass Weight. We’ve experienced exceptional calving ease with the 7057 calves after three calving seasons with his heavy influence. His first daughters are maternal and milk well with sound udders. 7057 offered us the growth that we sought when looking for our next herdsire. But he has offered us so much more, such as length, carcass quality, muscle shape and dimension; soundness and athleticism; and not least, excep- tional eye appeal and balance. It is rare for one bull to have such influ- ence across a herd as this young bull has had at CCR. Owned by Copper Creek Ranch, Colyer Herefords and Bar A Cattle Co.

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