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REG# C02992560
BD: February 17, 2014

Bigfoot - one of our top walking herdsires - has been the daddy to many of our commerical and purebred females. As his name suggests, he has an enormous and sound foot with great depth of heel and he’s quite athletic on the move. He is easy-fleshing, has a good temperament and has walked our pastures for six years so far. His conformation is quite sound and his shape is extraordinary. Bigfoot’s biggest contribution has been through his cow family. His dam - MHPH 118U PRINCESS 105Z - was purchased as a calf out of the Medonte herd in Ontario. Now in our donor cow herd, 105Z goes back to Harvie Raftsman fame and Medonte’s Nita cow family of note. This cow family has been a gem for us here, producing Bigfoot 29B and several beautiful, nice-uddered, productive, moderate-framed daughters. They are exceptionally feminine with extra rig shape and do-ability. All have exceptionally good udder conformation.

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