Our commercial and purebred herds are managed, for the most part, as a unit. While each herd grazes on separate ranges, they are brought together as a group to calve out through the winter months and are similarly managed.

The commercial herd largely produces weanling feeder calves which are backgrounded and fed for conventional end markets. The purebred herd largely produces female breeding stock either kept for replacements or for sale into other purebred herds. It also produces bulls that serve both commercial and purebred herds both locally and internationally.  We pride ourselves in our “ranch-raised, range-ready” bulls with great moms and we back these bulls with predictable data and a good knowledge of their genetics and capabilities. We stand by these bulls in terms of reproductive performance.

While the purebred herd is a source of pride on the ranch, using the strongest and best possible genetics to best exemplify the Hereford breed, the commercial operation remains the bread and butter of the operation and keeps us grounded, giving us a much needed perspective in terms of how our cattle perform and how efficiently they manage; and how we fair in terms of herd health, longevity and hardiness on the range.

Both commercial and purebred herds are managed on least-cost forage-based rations throughout the year, ensuring that well-known Hereford efficiencies are maintained and promoted.


PUREBRED Herefords
Commercial herd