The Range

Copper Creek cattle are managed on expansive mountain range pastures throughout the summer months, from late May through to mid-October.

Ranch management works with local logging companies and government forestry people to ensure cattle are grazing and moving in convenient locations and in sustainable ways, ensuring the maintenance of natural and artificial boundaries to grazing areas.

The cows start grazing the lower valleys and mountain slopes, grazing higher as the spring-like pastures mature. They progress to higher elevations throughout the summer where the bugs are less persistent. Pastures are mostly bunch grass and wheat grass with some wild alfalfa and shrubs. Cattle movement is monitored by our cowboy and ranch staff as much as possible and are encouraged to move into designated areas at specific times of the grazing season. Grazing helps rejuvenate grassy areas and cattle are encouraged away from reforested and riparian areas with the use of salt and mineral blocks. They drink from mountain streams.

In the fall months, the higher elevations are the first to see snow and the cattle tend to naturally move downward. They are grouped together as much as possible and pushed back down to rejuvenated spring pastures and are later put onto hayfields where regrowth sustains the cowherd through mid to late December. Calves are weaned in mid-October, just before cows go back to close-up pastures and hayfields.