Our Team

The ranch employs four families: Ranch managers Phil and Catherine Brown, Cowboy/Herdsman Shawn Galloway, Cropping and Feeding Manager Kevin Clements and Equipment and Irrigation Manager Bob Proulx.


Both Bob and Kevin have been with the ranch since its inception in 1999 and know the ranch and rangelands in detail. The rest of the “crew” relies on them heavily.

Catherine & Phil

Ranch managers – Phil and Catherine Brown oversee the overall management, stock records, bookkeeping and correspondence at the ranch, making breeding decisions, selling cattle and marketing the purebred herd. During the winter season, they manage the day-to-day care of the herd, calving barn, herd health and some feeding. They are active in the BC Hereford Association and mentor the BC Junior Hereford Association as advisors. Their daughter Cayley Brown plays an active part in the Canadian Junior Hereford Association with her own Herefords. It is a team effort when it comes to calving cows, managing and moving the herd. Phil and Catherine joined the team at Copper Creek Ranch in January 2012.


Cowboy/Herdsman – Shawn Galloway is our herdsman and horseman extraordinaire. He manages most cattle movement during the grazing season and keeps track of two herds on separate ranges during that season. He is responsible for treating sick cattle during that time. Often with his wife Mandy, Shawn manages the herd on horseback with his dogs and does a lot of hauling with the stock trailer for long-distance moves. Shawn takes on night shifts during the calving season throughout the weekdays. Shawn and Mandy manage the Copper Creek Ranch horse herd and Shawn repairs a lot of our fencing. He is talented at designing, building and maintaining our corrals and working facilities. Shawn is also a handyman around the ranch, with a great eye for detail.


Cropping & Feeding – Kevin Clements manages most crop related and tilling needs, as well as manure management on the ranch, helping with roundups and other odd jobs. He also keeps a watchful eye on the herd in every season, especially when on feeding duty through the winter months. On the cropping side, Kevin is responsible for our forage quality and stresses over getting our best possible quality crop in each year, despite weather challenges.


Equipment & Irrigation Manager – Bob Proulx is our go-to technical guy who also handles barn cleanouts, yard management and bedding during calving season. He also plays a crucial role in cropping and helps out, when needed, with cattle chores and some cattle hauling. That includes some hauls to the vet with cows having calving difficulties as the ranch is too remote to have veterinarians come to the ranch when assistance is needed. Bob spends many hours managing and maintaining the ranch’s irrigation system during the summer months. He plays a very crucial support role to each and every one of us on the ranch.