Copper Creek Ranch was established in the year 1999 with the purchase of the Princeton Stock Ranch. A commercial cow/calf and purebred Hereford herd has developed from that time, with strategic additions and with sales into Canadian and global Hereford markets, as well as into local commercial herds.

Ron and Sharon Stevenson and family founded Copper Creek Ranch. The Stevensons work closely with ranch staff to keep up to date on cattle operations, to ensure efficiency and sustainability of operations and to support work safety programs. The Stevensons are supporters of Canadian Hereford Association programs and have helped sustain a healthy Hereford junior program through generous funding and other initiatives.

The ranch is nestled in the valleys and mountains surrounding Princeton, British Columbia. Western Culture is at it’s best in this rough and tumble environment most conducive to logging, mining and ranching. It’s one of Canada’s best kept secrets. Western cowboy heritage doesn’t end at the Rockies. Some of its deepest roots remain sacred and alive in the mountains and rangelands of the interior of BC. The ranch lies between the lush fruit and wine producing valleys of the Okanagan and the thriving livestock operations of the Fraser Valley. It is also situated close to Canada’s only classified dessert – Osoyoos.

Copper Creek Ranch Herefords have been marketed throughout North America and abroad, partly due to the popular appeal of bulls like CCR 57G Stamina ET 199S and Golden-Oak 4J Maxium 28M.

The ranch serves many sectors of the beef industry, from weanling feeder calves which are backgrounded and fed for conventional end-markets, to supplying the commercial industry with hardy, performance-oriented bulls, to moving the Hereford and wider beef industry forward through genetic selection. It does so on least-cost forage-based rations throughout the year, ensuring that well-known Hereford efficiencies are maintained and promoted.