Commercial Herd

Herefords, black baldies and red baldies make up the bulk of the Copper Creek Ranch commercial herd. The exceptions are a few Black Angus cows.  All of them have their strengths to contribute to the herd, including hybrid vigour, get-up-and-go.  Our cows know our ranges and they are survivors.

While primarily Hereford bulls are used on these cows, we also use Red Simmental and Angus Bulls.

While the commercial cows sometimes raise top purebred (unregistered) bulls that we can offer for sale, most calves produced by this herd are marketed as stocker calves. These calves contribute the most consistent income to the ranch operations so we sell preconditioned groups of calves to backgrounders in as strong and as uniform of groups as possible and take pride in the health, the look and the performance of these calves which are currently marketed through the sale ring, selling to feedlots in BC and Alberta.

Our replacement females are also in demand. But the ranch itself is in a state of rebuilding and we are therefore retaining most of our replacement heifers  to grow the herd.


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