BCCA AGM – Thank you from the Copper Creek Ranch team!

Kudos to the BCCA which hosted an unforgettable annual general meeting in Merritt last weekend. It was the association’s 87th Annual Convention.
Sustainable ranching and beef production was the common theme throughout the event and presentations.
Keynote speaker Bruce Vincent delivered an emotional and poignant message to underline this theme, leaving ranchers in attendance with the imperative to advocate actively for agriculture and our industry, at least one hour per week; and to start doing so close to home.
As former President of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) Ben Thorlakson has said, “the rules are made by those who show up”.
Vincent underlined that we must share more about the ways we sustain our environment for future generations and how our operations work – sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. We need to be truthful, transparent, cordial and helpful to those outside our industry, to educate them as well as we can about what we do, and the realities of ranching, lest their misperceptions guide future government legislation that will directly impact our way of life and our livelihoods.
Thank you to board members and General Manager Kevin Booth for a well-coordinated event full of valuable information and opportunities to network.
It was inspiring to hear the message from Brett Stewart, CEO of Global Agri-Trends, that a new floor has been established in Canadian cattle markets; that while boom and bust cycles will prevail, gone are the days of 99-cent calves. Stewart also shared the message that beef markets are strong and growing globally, showing lots of opportunity for the foreseeable future, save any “Black Swan” events.
A dynamic lot of exhibitors at the tradeshow, great food and a perfect facility in beautiful Merritt, with a rich ranching heritage, made the weekend one to remember. Thanks again!